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Help â–º Trophy Locker General Questions

Dear User, Trophy Locker strives to have all your questions and doubts answered within 2-3 business days. However, we suggest you first take a look at the following "Common Questions" as it might help you answer your question or doubt instantly. If in fact it is not part of the section, please shoot us an email to

Common Questions

How do I invite a Friend/Outfitter/Brand?
Go to either MAIN LODGE or your LOCKER and click on the upper right button that says INVITE FRIENDS. Then, follow the instructions of the pop-out box
How do I search for a Friend/Outfitter/Brand?
Type in the name you wish to find and click Enter. The results will come out according to your searching preferences.
How do I send a private message to a Friend/Outfitter/Brand?
Go to his/her profile, and click on the SEND A MESSAGE button which is underneath their photo.
How do I disable my account?
Go to Settings (top right hand corner), an click on the Disable button.
What are the four buttons on the left of the Search Box?
These are notification buttons. You will receive a notification if someone has posted a comment in either your Locker or a photo, if someone sends you an Inbox, if a Friend has added you, or if you have pending Outfitter requests for approval
What is the Find your Hunt button?
This function helps you find an Outfitter according to the place you wish to go hunting or by the animal you wish to hunt.
What's does the bullet hole on a comment or picture represent?
It's a sign that someone else (or yourself) likes your comment or picture.
How can add a bullet hole to a comment or picture?
Click on the Shoot button (Cross-Hair Icon) which is on the left side of the Comment Icon. You will then see a bullet hole added.
How do I add a video?
Simply copy the link in your comment and click ENTER. The video will then automatically show you a preview.
Why does my picture appear blank when I upload it?
The picture might be too heavy, be sure it's less than 5 MB.
Why does the time on comments or photos does not match my current time?
Make sure that your current city is aligned with the Time Zone of the page. To check/change this go to your Locker, click on Edit Locker, then scroll down to Time Zone and make sure it matches your current location,
What are the small yellow circle on the Map on My Locker?
These represent the places where you have added trophies in your Trophy Room.
How can I get yellow circles on my Map?
Simply add trophies in your Trophy Room and these will automatically show.
How do I get experience points?
Experience points are obtained by adding trophies to your Trophy Room. Each animal awards you different points.
Why do some animals give you more experience points than others?
Each animal has a unique matrix of total points. Points are predetermined by the Trophy Locker Team and are awarded according to the animal’s Size, Difficulty, and Special Points (these depend if they are part of a unique group).
Can I change the experience points awarded for my trophy?
Unfortunately, experience points are awarded equally to all hunters. Values are predetermined and cannot be changed.
How do I increase my Rank?
Rank is obtained in a similar way as Experience Points. The main difference is that Rank is actually awarded to animals that have been certified by a known outfitter. When adding a trophy, you will be able to include the Outfitter's Name of where you hunted your trophy. If in fact the Outfitter is already a member, an automatic notification will be sent to his profile notifying about the trophy you have added. He will then Confirm this or Reject your trophy (this is up to the outfitter). If the Outfitter has confirmed your trophy, you will receive a Outfitter notification. You will then have to Rate your overall experience with the Outfitter to be awarded with Rank.
Now, if the Outfitter is currently NOT a member of Trophy Locker, the Trophy Locker Team will make sure to send an email to the Outfitter with an invitation email. (Note: Trophy Locker does not guarantee that the Outfitter will in fact become part of the Trophy Locker community and approve your trophy to increase your rank). If you wish to make this faster, you can always invite any Outfitter using either the INVITE FRIENDS button in the MAIN LODGE or by sending him a message by other means.
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